Urban Choreography

A flush of blog posts on on the rise of digital maps and apps for location  based services via smartphones and GPS devices lead via my readings of Actor-Network-Theory  (ANT) and beyond to wanderings in the realms of ontology and epistemology to my backyard and garage where loads of junk left over from past ‘lives’ as sporting wannabee etc. and children’s-clearings-of-their-rooms-once-they-have-left-home-combine in strange ways to trying to picture what it means if the construction of these maps is actually responsible for the creation of “my” reality?

What is going on here:

When we are informed by The Economist that we can have The world in your pocket are we  being delicately suckered into believing that this is really in our interests – in the past when we have ventured out into the unknown local and not so local world in order to get the things we need to sustain our…

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