Reading Difference and Repetition

photo(1)Still embroiled. But the trace of progress is satisfying… After a bit of a hiatus for scheduling reasons, I’m finally back to reading for our next meeting. I think one of the biggest mistakes in reading this is allowing too much time to pass, which produces a painful re-entry… Today, I am happy to be reading Williams’s guide. It’s full of heuristic devices that reframe ideas or concepts in really helpful ways. There is an Amazon review that faults the asides for not being successful, but a good idea in theory. While some of the examples he uses may not be the most pertinent, it takes less mental contortions to take his example and make it your own, as opposed to taking the dense text and arriving at an understanding. Today, I was happy to read another way to walk through:
undetermined, determinable, infinite determination, indeterminate

thanks James.


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