Urban Drifting, part 1: The Controlled City

this is reminding of a couple things that I will have to, somewhat grudgingly and unhappily, need to think about.

Deterritorial Investigations

When the Europeans landed on the shores of far-off lands, traversing the geographies of the Other, they brought with them what the perceived to be the light of civilization. This was the light of the Enlightenment – creative, mutable forces to be sure, but a light that simultaneously aimed to organize, regiment, recreate things in its own image, each object in its proper and fixed space. Autonomous circuits of localized knowledge – metis, as James C. Scott calls it – were something to be broken up, wayward systems that they seemed to be, requiring a rapid replacement by calculation and measure. Polycropping, for instance, took on the aesthetic appearance of the nature from which it emerged, a chaotic and disorderly system bound by no rigid segments, Cartesian angles, and thus was phased out by the colonialists and replaced with a system of “pure stand planting,” devoid of the ecological…

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