Rise to Power

given that I just gave a paper at the AAG on Google as a Fascist Regime, this feels uncanny.


2 thoughts on “Rise to Power

  1. This piece seem to want to try to read Google as having sovereign aspirations, aspirations to power-over. Everyone seems to be searching for the way Google is trying to become totalitarian. She seems to think that’s the next move, the more important move, beyond mapping our activity toward the real culmination: controlling us, dominating us. But it seems you and Pasquinelli have it right: it goal is not to control us, it is to know us, to amass data on us, to map our activity, to catalogue our desire, to collect and archive it. To what end? To contruct the largest and most effective machine ever for sucking wealth out of the population. Its an odd way of thinking, this idea that the next, higher step is sovereign power. What use is totalitarian control to a profit machine?

  2. thanks for this… sorry for my slow response. I’ve been thinking about this comment in relation to the post, in relation to what I wrote for the AAG, and admittedly, what I sort of imagine the next steps to be… I’m in the thick of it, but ultimately I’m thinking about a line by Holland that goes something like “if there is another fascism, it will be cultural and not state driven’ – and following D & G, ‘that while not all totalitarian regimes are fascist, fascism did give rise to totalitarian state.’… My inclination is to say that there needs to be a redefinition of terms… I’m up to my eyeballs at the moment in this particular intersection of thinking, but it would be great to have a conversation about it once I work out my line of thinking.

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