Bifo on the Collapse of Modern Hope

this quote here certainly gives one pause. and makes me intrigued about the text.

synthetic zerø

“For historicist thinking and militant practice refuse to consider depression as a cognitive element, and this is a limit, one that today, for example, prevents us from being lucid about understanding the collapse of modern hope.  We should understand that the collapse of modern hope is certainly a disaster, but that it also contains elements that we should succeed in understanding, granted that our humanistic, socialist, illuminist, communist, values no longer have any place.  And this is depression, when you realize that your desire no longer has any place in the real.  This is the deep core of depression.  If you insist in not wanting to see this fact, you end up continuing to use tools that prevent you from acting.”

I’m reading, and enjoying, Bifo’s Thought, Friendship, and Visionary Cartography, has anyone out there read it, any thoughts/comments to share with us here?

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One thought on “Bifo on the Collapse of Modern Hope

  1. very good as pausing is something of a lost art these hyper-connected days, it’s well worth reading the whole short book and would be interested in your take on it, cheers.

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