Public Art and the Urban Experience

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The Urban Sustainability Laboratory

Dean Saitta
July 15, 2015

The Biennial of the Americas kicks off this week in Denver. The Biennial was launched in 2010 by then Denver mayor (now Colorado governor) John Hickenlooper as a grand forum for talking about politics, education, business, the arts, and other subjects of interest to citizens. This year’s Biennial theme is NOW!.  It’s billed as an analysis of the present in light of the history that got us here and our plans for going forward. The three main organizing topics are Leadership, Business Trends, and Infrastructure. Several of these topics will be considered by a special panel of mayors (Denver’s Michael Hancock, Calgary’s Naheed Nenshi, and former Bogotá mayor Antanas Mockus) who will address “The Return of the City-State.” These civic leaders will discuss how cities are operating on the frontlines of many contemporary global challenges including growth, security, and trade.

As usual, many artists from…

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Palgrave’s Publishing resources for early career academics

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Progressive Geographies

Early_Career_Researcher_GuidePublishing resources for early career academics from Palgrave – a pdf to download from Thanks to Robert Tally for the link.

Focuses on books, with advice on revision from PhD thesis, proposals, glossary of terms, etc. – much of this is relevant to people further ahead in their career.

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