inspired after the meeting with Becoming Poor 2.0, where we are currently looking at Anti-Oedipus… I’ve been reading Difference and Repetition for the first time while reviewing AO, and it’s hard to not see aspects of D/R in AO, and I find myself wanting to talk about both texts during the group… So I thought it would be helpful for myself and the group to write out the resonances. I’m sure this has likely been done somewhere, but nothing beats doing it for yourself.

Becoming Poor

Since I spent a lot of time on Friday attempting to get language and my brain to collaborate, I decided to work through the discussion of Deleuze’s syntheses of time in Difference and Repetition in relation to the syntheses of D & G’s Anti-Oedipus. Some of this is my own thoughts, some comes from paraphrasing James Williams’s text…  It’s also a rough articulation, so if something seems wrong- please correct me


1st: Living present. Defined by expectancy through habit; contraction

The past is synthesized or contracted in the present as a behavior towards the future. There is an inherent linear projection of time with this synthesis. Past experience informs the present condition, so that a future may provide an expectation of what is to come. Fundamentally, or teleologically.

An active consideration of a thing presupposes the passive synthesis. Williams uses the chair as example, where he states “syntheses can…

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