Rough draft of final section of dissertation, Whence Google (cultural fascism: neoliberalism, open source and microsfascisms)

gilge_whence google fascism

Writing Sample: Artistic Practices as Line of Flight (full version)

gilge_line of flight

Wonder and Deterritorialization: Implications of an Aesthetic Experience, Presented at Deleuze Studies Conference, Lisbon, 2013

gilge_wonder deterritorialization

Google Street View: The Image of the Urban as Raw Material, Presented at New Urban Languages, Milan, 2013

gilge_milan raw material

Planes of Immanence of a Fascist Regime: Google and their Mapping Empire, Presented at the AAG Conference, Los Angeles, 2013

gilge aag_slides

Artistic Practices as Lines of Flight, Presented at the Deleuze Studies Conference, New Orleans, 2012

gilge_lines of flight

Destablized Duration of Google Street View, Presented at (Before and) After New Media, OCAD, Toronto, 2011


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